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a case of diversity!

Behold LUCY, a unique pig, named after the archetypal mother of humankind. LUCY is a mythical beast in the making who will blend her wild genes with those of many other pig breeds. Sired by an American industrial pig and a wild boar as a Hungarian mother, LUCY stands at the intersection of biology, anthropology, economics, art, philosophy and sociology. LUCY tells a vital story about democratic and sustainable food, about food economy and respect for life.

In her diversity, LUCY reduces the distance between human and animal nature. She embodies the natural interaction with other animals whom the human animal seeks out, out of curiosity and his desire for companionship, for food, for warmth. Various species that for millennia have been fellow travelers into an unknown future.


unique hot dogs!

LUCY travels in a food truck constructed by artist Koen Vanmechelen, a hot dog stand on wheels.
The LUCY DOGS tells her story. They are created by the Foodmonkeys based on the concept of our unique and diverse pig.

it is food for the brain and the stomach. 

Anker 1


LUCY sausage / salsa from walnut, date and spring onion / ketchup from berries


LUCY sausage / bacon / cheddar / pulled - pork / Chili-garlic mayo / BBQ sauce / stewed onions / red pepper

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